Awesome tmux based Terminal Divider for Linux/OSX/WSL

I recently came across an Interesting Github project by Yasuhiro Yamada on Github called xpanes OR tmux-xpanes. This is a tmux based terminal divider, and lets you:

  • Split tmux window into multiple panes.
  • Build command lines from given arguments & execute them on the panes.
  • Runnable from outside of tmux session.
  • Runnable from inside of tmux session.
  • Record operation log.
  • Layout arrangement for panes.
  • Generate command lines from standard input (Pipe mode).

For my daily work, this has started proving very useful in terms of enhancing my speed/productivity.

Here is the GIF from the Project page on Github, which will give you a quick Idea of what xpanes can provide you:

Introduction Git Animation

xpanes Require bash 3.2+ and tmux 1.6+ to work.

In installed xpanes on some of my Ubuntu Installs (Installed on a Hyper-V VM, and In WSL on Windows 10) with the following Instructions, and it works flawlessly:

$ sudo apt install software-properties-common
$ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:greymd/tmux-xpanes
$ sudo apt update
$ sudo apt install tmux-xpanes

I also Installed it on Mac OSX with Homebrew, and it works equally well over there too:

$ brew install tmux-xpanes

Check it out and try yourself from here: xpanes

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