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Awesome tmux based Terminal Divider for Linux/OSX/WSL

I recently came across an Interesting Github project by Yasuhiro Yamada on Github called xpanes OR tmux-xpanes. This is a tmux based terminal divider, and lets you: Split tmux window into multiple panes. Build command lines from given arguments & execute them on the panes. Runnable from outside of tmux session. Runnable from

Change Screen Resolution: Ubuntu Linux on Hyper-V

Recently I was setting up a home lab comprising of Ubuntu 17.10 Desktop/Server, CentOS 7, RHEL,  and OpenSUSE VMs on a high-end Windows 10 Box through Hyper-V. Since I have three 4K and one HD monitors in my Home lab, I wanted to change the screen resolution of all these Linux

Installing Microsoft PowerShell on Linux

In this blog post, we will look at Installing Microsoft PowerShell on Linux OS. Microsoft released PowerShell scripting language and command-line shell as open source on Aug 18, 2016. It is MIT-licensed open source project hosted on GitHub. As of now, Alpha version pre-built packages of the open source version are available