Tuesday, 23 January 2018
Office 365 Security

New Office 365 Security Features

Microsoft last week announced three new Office 365 Security features.

These security features are supposed to further strengthen and enhance various dimensions around security for the hugely popular and dominant Office 365, and are as follows:

  • Office 365 Threat Intelligence: Available in private preview as of now. Will hit GA soon. This service provides near real-time insight into the threats that impact a network (malware/adware/ransomware), and can help isolate or deflect these malicious threats
  • Office 365 Advanced Data Governance:  In Public Preview currently. This feature uses machine learning to identify and protect data that may be exposing an organization to any risks
  • Office 365 Secure Score: This feature allows companies to evaluate the strength of their Office 365 configuration, and model how simple changes can enhance and reduce their security vulnerabilities.

Microsoft says that they scan over 200 billion emails each month for malware and phishing which gives them a huge graph of data that allows them to more effectively prevent attacks from reaching the end user. On average, for the last six months, the company says they have blocked 200,000 exploit attempts per day.

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